Query Analytics Data Dashboard for Indexers
Hey! Our team (Parallelia x Thinking Machines) is trying to develop a query analytics tool that is useful and needed by you, indexers.

We've got a few ideas:
1. Extracting subgraph data to know what tech specs is needed to index them.
2. Identifying subgraphs that is getting traffic from consumers, or where curators are staking.

These are just examples and it would be really great if we heard directly from you - the indexers. It can range from data organizing, data warehousing, data visualizing, or you can confirm and agree our ideas above. Let us know how we can help you!
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Relevant Request For Project (RFP)
The Graph posted this RFP* and we're in talks to work on it. Given that it has been around 6 months now since the RFP was published, we want to make sure that we work on something that is still relevant to indexers.

And if not, you can point us to the right direction early!

*RFP in detail: https://www.notion.so/Query-Analytics-Pipeline-b7d6c69d031e4259a68bd6d5a6a7d2ea
Data Sources
The original RFP is a proposal to design and build an analytics pipelining tool, ingesting data from existing services (such as graph-node) and qlog (https://github.com/graphprotocol/qlog/), which may serve as baseline.

qlog generates logs:
Sep 22 17:01:52.521 INFO Query timing (GraphQL), block: 1234567, query_time_ms: 489, variables: null, query: query things { things(first: 10) { id name } } , query_id: f3e751f1852e62e6-cf1efbcd35771aeb, subgraph_id: Qmsubgraph, component: GraphQlRunner
What kind of information (that can be logged) do you monitor and use in your role as an indexer?
Connecting to your data
Can you tell us more about the connectors available or methods of connecting to read your data?
Can you suggest a way to generate the logs or export the data described above with minimal performance impact to your infra?
Data Processing and Parsing
As an example, https://github.com/graphprotocol/qlog/ allows parsing logs into json, or by functionality, grouping queries
What kind of useful logical groupings can we do with these logs (besides by datetime)?
Data Visualization
How would you like insights to your data displayed within a personal dashboard?
Data Inference
This is the final point that makes and breaks the project.
What data-driven decisions can you make with the data available from the dashboard? What can we infer from the data available?
Some of these decisions can have the potential to be automated into actions.
Are there opportunities to emit the data to a script that will automate some tasks for you as an indexer?
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