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Before you Participate, Pls read this medium.
“A brief on what’s ahead of Qnode Blockchain Defi Layer & Community Appeal.” by Qnode Blockchain https://link.medium.com/utqnObLoEbb

If you sent 1 WAVES, you will get 1 QND + 500 QNC
If you sent 2 WAVES, you will get 2 QND + 1000 QNC
If you sent 3 WAVES, you will get 3 QND + 1500 QNC
If you sent 4 WAVES, you will get 4 QND + 2000 QNC
If you sent 5 WAVES, you will get 5 QND + 2500 QNC.

All QND will be paid after launch in Q1 to your submitted ERC20 While, QNC will be sent in less than 24 hours to your waves address.
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