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Small, local farms often rely on a small number of people to operate an entire farming operation in order to get healthy, nutrient-dense food in the hands of their community members. A small family farm, like ours, is no different. We farm, we care for our families, we market, and we distribute our goods. In addition - we teach! We know it is difficult for many folks to get to a local farmer's market sometimes, so we have started a buying club program and we invite you to become a volunteer Buying Club Coordinator to help close the loop on the food system and be an active member in your community!

Here's how our Buying Club works for customers:

1) Hills of Milk and Honey raises chickens on pasture in a mobile coop that is rotated weekly. Our chickens are fed only organic, non-gmo, soy-free feed. We care for our chickens, and we collect and package the eggs.

2) We then load the inventory of available eggs for the following week into our online shop by Sunday evenings ready for orders to come in starting the next morning.

3) Folks wishing to purchase eggs may log on to our online shop from Monday morning at 9 AM through Wednesday evening at 9 PM to place their order for that week. The eggs are $6 per dozen. When they log on, they will see pick up locations and dates and times. They will choose a pick up location at a Buying Club Coordinator's home or office with the corresponding day and window of time for the following week, choose the number of dozen of eggs they wish to purchase for that week, pay for their order online and receive an email confirmation.

4) Folks purchasing eggs will arrive at the location they chose on the corresponding day and time with their email confirmation as a receipt to pick up eggs from the Buying Club Coordinator.

Here's how our Buying Club works for Buying Club Coordinators:

1) A Buying Club Coordinator (BCC) chooses a day of the week and a window of time they will be available each week for folks in their neighborhood to be able to pick up pre-purchased eggs from Hills of Milk and Honey. (i.e. Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30 PM or Fridays from 9-11 AM, etc.)

2) BCC's will determine the amount of dedicated cooler space available to keep eggs at 45 degrees or under at all times once receiving the eggs and through the time the eggs are provided to the customer. (i.e. BCC's know that they can dedicate space for 8 dozen eggs, so the inventory available for their location will have a max of 8 dozen eggs.)

3) On Fridays, the eggs for each of the neighborhood orders will be delivered by Hills of Milk and Honey staff to BCC's homes or businesses as agreed upon or BCCs will arrange for a time to pick up the eggs for their neighborhood order from the farm. A list of prepaid egg orders will be provided to BCC.

4) The following week the customers will arrive on the date you agreed to be available for pick up and during the window of time you agreed to for pick up. You will check to see their confirmation email every single time to verify purchase and you will hand them their eggs.

It's no small thing that you are agreeing to volunteer your time to connect your community to regenerative agriculture in this way. Please know that it means a LOT to our family. We work 7 days a week, and this includes setting up and tearing down at farmer's markets. By delivering our products through a Buying Club, we can spend a bit of time with our families and less time at markets. It means more than you know!

Please answer the following questions and submit this form for review. We will get in touch shortly regarding your participation and we GREATLY appreciate your willingness to spread local farm love to our community!

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Approximately how many dozen eggs do you anticipate your neighborhood buying each week? Let us know if this is an educated guess or if you have asked around to get an idea. We are asking this just to gauge how many dozen eggs you think you will need when you start off. This is not something that is set in stone at all. *
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Day of the week you wish to place on the schedule for neighbors to pick up their eggs. *
Provide a window of time that you agree to be home weekly on the day you've chosen above in order to provide eggs to your neighbors. (The window must be a minimum of 2 hours in length.) *
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If you are willing to provide more than one day and window of time each week to be available, please provide the additional day of week and minimum two hour window of time you wish to offer to your neighbors.
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Would you prefer to pick up your egg order from the farm on Fridays, or meet a Hills of Milk and Honey staff member at an agreed upon location, or have the eggs delivered by a Hills of Milk and Honey staff member to your home or business? (We will do our best to accommodate your request, but in some cases, the distance may be too far for us to deliver to you or even meet half-way, but please send us your ideas and we will see what we can do.) Provide the details below. *
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If there is any other information you would like to provide or any questions you have regarding this Buying Club Coordinator volunteer position, please send us a note here, call Amy at 512-829-1003 or email at *
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