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Provide all of the requested information so that we can better prepare for your session;
Submit only ONE class session at a time; and ONE WEEK in advance in order for us to best serve you and your students.

We will respond to your request within 3 working days.

Helpful resource on designing & evaluating effective research assignments (by MCCCD Info Lit Group):

Instructor Name:
Course Title & Section # (EX: ENG102#10638):
Number of Students:
Preferred DATE (EX: Monday, 9/24/12):
Alternate DATE (EX: Monday, 9/24/12):
Library session START time (indicate am or pm):
Library session END time (indicate am or pm):
Please upload a copy of your research assignment or a description of the assignment (MSWord or PDF files).
When scheduling instruction infused with critical thinking skills, our hands-on, participatory lessons are best applied when:
1). Student has clear understanding of their research need including class discussion and printed framework;
2). Student possesses immediacy (and thus engagement) of research need - instruction and due date are in tandem;
3). Library instruction is relevant to student need - tailored instruction to related coursework/course content.
DESCRIPTION: Communicate student need/objective based on the Best Practice above.
Do any students in your class have special needs?
If you plan to use Library/Research instruction as a component of the GenEd information literacy, please emphasize it within the DESCRIPTION.

If this course is being taught through a Learning Community, please schedule information literacy instruction through one section only.

The course instructor's (or a substitute's) attendance is required at all library instruction sessions.

Thank you!

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