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1) The Board of Trustees of the Pike-Amite-Walthall Library System authorizes the use of libraries for meetings of a civic, cultural, or educational nature. Applicants must fill out the following application to reserve the meeting room.  *Library facilities are NOT authorized to be used for commercial or “for-profit” meetings, for fund-raising activities not associated with the library, for family or class reunions, for wedding or baby showers, or for political events; nor may libraries be used for any religious worship, exercise, or instruction, or for the support of any religious establishment.* 2) No meeting shall be allowed to disrupt or preempt any library-related activity or meeting. Library programs and functions shall be given priority. Permission to use library facilities must be obtained from the librarian within a reasonable time in advance of the proposed meeting. Meetings may only be booked up to three months in advance. The librarian will keep a reservation calendar of scheduled meetings. Meetings should be scheduled to end by 5 p.m. unless special permission is attained from the library.  3) Librarians shall take into account the size of the meeting room available and the number of persons anticipated. Use of the library for a meeting shall be denied if the anticipated attendance exceeds the capacity of the room. In addition, the librarian shall have the authority to cancel a meeting in progress or deny entry of additional persons to the meeting if the number of persons attending exceeds the capacity of the room. (Up to 40, including moderators, during the time of the pandemic). 4) Organizations holding meetings assume financial responsibility for any damage. Prior arrangements must be made for the use and operation of the library’s audio-visual equipment. 5) Responsible adult sponsors must be with children’s groups at all times and shall assume responsibility for proper care of the facility. Adults must ensure that any meeting their child plans to attend at the library has not been cancelled before leaving the child unattended. 6) No admittance charge may be made for programs except fund-raisers for the library. 7) Any group using the meeting room is responsible for setting up chairs and tables and for returning them to storage after use. Kitchen facilities, if used, must be cleaned. Two warnings with proper documentation will be issued if any group fails to comply with these rules. This will result in loss of privileges which could range from six months to permanent. 8) The Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine what may be placed in the library permanently or exhibited temporarily. 9) The Pike-Amite-Walthall Library System will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or special needs condition in providing space for public meetings. 10) Smoking and/or alcohol use is not permitted anywhere in the building. ***I have read the Meeting Room Regulations.***        Answer yes below and proceed to application. *
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