Virtual/In-Person Parent Survey
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In order to better cohort our students for practice purposes, we need to know if your child is currently participating in the one of the following:
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Virtual Learning- The student will attend all classes remotely on both A and B days. The student is expected to log in and participate in each teacher's class on both A & B days. Students in extracurricular activities can attend practices outside the school day (before/after school as designated by coach/teacher). Classes will be from 8:25-3:40 daily.
In Person (hybrid)- The student will be assigned to either a Purple or Silver group (cohort). Students will physically attend school a minimum of 2 days a week as assigned by their cohort. On the days when the students are not on campus, they will be expected to log in and learn virtually. (A calendar of cohorts will be provided to families.) Students are expected to attend their in-person and virtual classes as assigned from 8:25-3:40 daily.
For the 2nd six weeks, will the students in your family be attending virtually or in person, based on the descriptions above? *
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