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The information supplied by you on this form will be treated as strictly confidential – an electronic version may be kept for the length of the course but then will be destroyed. We at Circle of Heka carry a WA Working with Children’s check and will make every effort to ensure your child is in a safe environment.
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In relation to the Teen Witchcraft 2 Day Workshop - Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April 2021. Run by Lady Amaris & The Circle of Heka Coven.
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This is a 2-day course on Witchcraft, 4 hours each day. This course is not designed to induct your child into a coven. Although it may be something your child wishes to pursue in the future. Covens don’t generally bring people into their groups until they are at least 18 years of age – the reason for this includes psychology, personal responsibility and a degree of maturity. As an example, the average age of our youngest members are mid to late 20's. *
With the popularity of occult and witchcraft movies and a rising interest in witchcraft practices. When viewed from the Hollywood lense, witchcraft can often be seen in either an absurd or negative light. And can often be confused with fantasy theatrics, cult like behaviour and negative 'evil' and harmful practices. The Circle of Heka and the shop Heka Arcane Apotheca, are not the front face of a cult, nor do we condone or participate in negative harmful practices. *
Please be aware that parents are welcome to sit in on this workshop with their children if they wish, free of charge. There will be someone with their Working with Children’s Check present at all times. Please also note, in an effort to create a safe environment for your child, I request that you let me know (this will be confidential) of any allergies, disabilities or ailments that your child has and you feel I should know for the safety of them and myself. *
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