Welcome to our Survey for                              Strategic Directions 2022-2027
Rainbow District School Board is seeking input for its five-year strategic plan, which defines the vision, mission, values and priorities of the Board and its schools.

Students, parents/guardians, staff, education partners and school communities are invited to participate in the strategic planning process by engaging in consultations and/or completing this survey.

Consultation feedback and survey responses will enable Rainbow District School Board to put priorities into focus, ensuring resources are allocated to what matters the most.

Strategic Directions 2022-2027 will serve as the compass to guide decision-making.

Thank you for sharing your input.

Let’s get started.

Here are the Board’s current priorities:

Reaching minds.
- Provide authentic and engaging learning opportunities
- Set high expectations and create excitement for learning
- Support students to reach their potential
- Foster 21st century skills and competencies
- Deepen literacy and numeracy skills

Touching hearts.
- Nurture physical, mental, social and emotional well-being
- Forge strong relationships and build resiliency
- Honour diversity and enhance cultural understanding
- Value student, staff, parent/guardian and partner voice
- Celebrate student, staff, school and system success

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What should be the top priorities of the Board going forward? (Please select the five areas of focus below that resonate the most with you. You may also suggest another priority.)
What can we do to further support the well-being and mental health of students and staff?
What can we do to maximize student success and achievement?
How can we build equity of opportunities and outcomes for students?
How can we continue to move forward with Truth and Reconciliation?
The Board’s current vision statement is: "We are leaders in learning, inspiring success for all students by reaching minds and touching hearts." Do you have any suggestions?
The Board’s current mission statement is: "We bring learning to life, enabling students to fulfill their aspirations." Do you have any suggestions?
Please select the values that are most important to you from our current values as well as the Seven Grandfathers’ Teachings.
Thank you for your input.
We invite you to continue to be part of the strategic planning process.

An update on Strategic Directions will be presented at the Strategic Planning Meeting on January 11, 2022.

We will refine Strategic Directions and present the draft plan to the Board at its meeting on January 25, 2022.

These meetings are live streamed. Visit rainbowschools.ca for the link to join us.

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