Dallas Volunteers for Covid-19 Pandemic
If you are able-bodied, in a low-risk group for developing complications, have minimal contact with high-risk populations and want to help others, we want to know who you are. Union is connecting with local agencies and individuals to identify organizational and personal needs in this time.
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The following are urgent needs to which we can quickly connect volunteers
We anticipate needs in the following general categories. If you may be interested in helping with these things in the future, please check relevant boxes below.
I am aware of the following needs in the community. (share below the need you are aware of and with whom we should be in contact)
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Other things that we should know as we seek to serve our city
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By checking this box, you confirm that you will not volunteer if you experience ANY symptoms of cold, flu or Covid-19. Furthermore, you are verifying that you are neither in a high-risk category to develop serious Covid-19 complications nor are you in regular contact with those who are. *
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