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Thank you for your attention to this poll! We have been running this yearly poll since 2013. Our motivation is to highlight the best music and help each other to discover fresh gems ! Last year we had over 600 participants from 60+ countries.

Each vote is important, and we want as many voters as possible in order to have fair and objective "international" results.

You can discover our last years results at our website :


•☀ 2020 - Best of 2020 nominations ☀•

• Label of the year
• Best new artist (for 2020)
• Favorite downtempo/ambient dj (s)
• Favorite psy radio(s)
• Favorite youtube (s)
• Album of the year
• EP of the year
• Remix Album / EP
• Compilation of the year
• Best festival experience of 2020
• Best festival experience of all time from the point of view of chillout music and atmosphere

...... 90% of questions are "optional", you can skip them and move to the question that interest you.


•☀ Gifts and prizes ☀•

This year we have more prizes !

To encourage your participation we are offering 200 download codes. We will send them to your email address together with our results (first come first serve).

All paypal donation received during this poll will go towards promotion of the poll results! Our goal is to show respect to everyone who pushes creativity and music further !


•☀ Please help us to get as many participants as possible ☀•

- The more participants there are, the more objective and REAL the results are. So please make sure you invite your friends to participate. 💜


•☀ Duration of poll and Results☀•

- Votes are open for 1 month from 10/02/2021 till 10/03/2021

- Only 1 vote per person, please. We will not take in consideration multiple votes from the same IP address. Play fair.

- If you made a vote and want to change it, please vote a second time and mention this in the comment section of the poll.

- Results will be announced in the middle of March
via a post on the site, FB, instagram and telegram


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