duARTS Art of Science Gallery Proposal
The idea for the Art of Science gallery space was conceived before the renovation of the Brodhead Center was complete. It was originally intended to be a project focusing on highlighting innovation at Duke through artistic visualization of research, and expanded into a broader project aimed at showcasing creative renditions of physical and natural sciences for the purpose of promoting literacy and awareness of health science, the environment, and other physical, applied, and life sciences.
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Links to resume, online portfolio, relevant experiences or interests.
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What discipline in the sciences will be the theme of your proposed gallery? *
Keep in mind we give preference to science not currently or previously represented in the gallery.
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For example: Painting (acrylic, oil, etc.), charcoal, photo, digital art, mixed media.
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This should include what scientific themes it explores, how it uses art to elevate or illuminate those concepts, what makes it a good fit for the gallery, etc. Be as specific and descriptive as possible.
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Not every piece needs to be finished, but please give us an idea of what the works will look like.
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