iNaturalist Network Annual Report
This form should be completed annually by December 1 by existing members of the iNaturalist Network.
Network site name
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Name of individual submitting the report
Please describe how all collaborating organizations worked together to support the network site this year.
Are any changes needed to the individuals who currently have site admin status? If so, please explain.
List all organizations or individuals with whom you shared protected data (i.e. observation data with true coordinates that were either protected by the user or automatically for protected species). Include what data were shared and describe how the data were protected and used.
Provide summaries, if relevant, on your activities in the following areas:
Official boundaries (e.g. municipalities, parks)
Conservation statuses
Establishment means for species in your country
Common names
How did you provide support to users in your country? Please note anything that worked especially well or poorly.
How else do you plan to improve iNaturalist participation in your country? What strategic partnerships do you already have, and which are you looking to cultivate?
Describe at least one outreach program or activity that was highly successful. What factors contributed to its success? Is this a model that others can follow?
Were there any noteworthy discoveries made by your users this year? Please describe and include URLs to observations and/or results.
Describe at least one difficulty that you encountered, and what steps are necessary to overcome or avoid it in the future.
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