2018 -2019 Ultreia Society Student Application
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Ultreia Society! This brief description of the program will give you an idea of exactly what our program was created to achieve.

In short, this program asks upperclassmen to be facilitators of learning as well as models of positive behavior for freshmen. Upperclassmen are responsible for mentoring freshmen and for providing them with the tools needed for success in high school. Each Mentor-leader will be responsible for up to three (3) freshmen. Mentors will provide various forms of support for freshmen throughout the school year, including but not limited to tutorials, social events, and workshops. In Ultreia Society you will workshop with a variety of members from the community on various life-skills (financial literacy, interviewing, networking, application essays, etc.) to increase your preparedness for life after high school!

Note: An application does not guarantee membership in the leadership class. We receive many applications and only accept 40 mentors.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this program:

What is the purpose of The Ultreia Society?
The purpose of being a mentor is to support freshmen and help them through the transition from middle to high school, while encouraging their success here at Garinger. It is an opportunity to truly make a difference at Garinger and to impact many lives in a positive way. As a mentor, you will receive leadership professional development and other individuals from the community that will guide you in the work you are about to embark upon. If you are up for the challenge, keep this form for your records, fill out the attached application! See Ms. Darnley in room 311 with questions.

What is expected of Mentors?
You are expected to remain in close contact with your freshmen mentees throughout the school year. Some of the events you may consider attending together include sporting events, plays and other school sponsored activities. You may also consider communicating via text message, phone or e-mail. Mentor-initiated contacts such as sharing lunch, scheduling after-school visits or sending invitations to school-sponsored events are actions that support the freshmen throughout the year.

What sort of time commitment will this require?
There is a significant commitment associated with assuming a mentoring position. There will be two mandatory training sessions. Dates for training will be given to you upon your acceptance to the program. In addition to these two dates, there will be at least three check-in dates with your freshmen that you will be required to attend over the course of the 2018-2019 school year as well. These dates will be provided to you upon acceptance.

What does it take to be a strong Mentor?
There are three components that factor into an “excellent” Ultreia Society Mentor. First, communication is an integral part of this program. If you are accepted as a mentor, you will be expected to communicate effectively with not only your group of freshman, but also with your Mentor Manager (Classroom teacher), the program director (Ms. Darnley), as well as campus administrators & staff, and community members visiting the school. Additionally, you will run into various situations that require you to make quick and creative decisions. As a result, strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are skills necessary Ultreia Society Mentors should possess. Finally, Ultreia Society Mentors must be leaders. Our organization requires not only great thoughts, but also powerful actions in order to execute our mission. Strong mentors possess a combination of excellent communication skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and powerful leadership qualities.

Additional note: As a program of excellence, we are excited about choosing and keeping only the most committed mentors.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ultreia Society Mentor. Please fill out the required application by May 18th, 2018. Acceptance Letters will be sent out May 23rd.

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