Join Downstate Legislators in the Fight Against Chicago's Anti-Gun Laws!

Downstate must stand up and say “No!” to these Chicago politicians and their vendetta against law-abiding gun owners.

Chicago politicians are after our guns once again. They want to require all gun owners to register their handguns with the government AND pay a fee (House Bill 5831), and they want to tax ammunition (House Bill 5167).

Enough is enough.

Gun owners already have to jump through too many hoops when it comes to their Second Amendment rights. There’s no way we’ll let this oppressive, anti-gun agenda become law. We will stand up with our fellow citizens by standing up to Chicago politicians in defending our constitutional rights and freedoms.

These proposals are out of touch, misguided and a slap in the face of responsible gun owners. Harassing downstate gun owners with harsh taxes and irrational gun registries won’t do anything to reduce crime.

Now is the time to let your voice be heard. Sign the petition and let House and Senate leaders know that you won’t tolerate these infringements on our Second Amendment rights.

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