Volunteer Community Survey 2023

Welcome to our annual member community survey. This process is really important for us to gather your views, experiences, challenges, ideas and hopes for the future, all together at the same time. This helps us build the community from what our community is saying.

Please take some time to think about and answer these questions.

Your experience and views are core to our future.

This survey is for RC volunteers and people involved in the peer volunteer team within CAVDAS 😊

Thank you!!

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1. How long have you volunteered at Recovery Cymru? 

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2. What role/roles do you undertake? (tick as many as apply)

3. What do you hope to get out of volunteering at RC or what are you getting? 

If you chose 'Other', please specify:

4. Please specify for the following areas how you feel you have developed through volunteering 

Greatly Decreased
Stayed the Same
Greatly Increased
Willingness to try new things
My recovery capital
My work related skills
My health & well being
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5. How useful have the following been? 

Have not received
Not helpful
Very helpful
Volunteer support and review arrangements
Training including role specific training
Support from Recovery Cymru staff
Support from other volunteers/members
Clear Roles
Clear expectations
Feeling valued
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6. Have you achieved any of the following since taking part in volunteering at RC?

7. On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your satisfaction of volunteering for Recovery Cymru?

Not at all satisfied
Extremely satisfied
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If your answer is below 4 can you please explain why? 

8. What is the best thing about the volunteering programme?

9. How could we improve the volunteering programme? 

10.  What areas should RC focus on to gain a better understanding and explore more streams of work?

If you chose 'Other', please specify:

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