North Carolina Backup Pharmacy Staff
To mitigate any possible pharmacy staffing shortages during the COVID-19 outbreak, Mutual Drug is compiling a list of pharmacists, technicians, delivery drivers, and other pharmacy personnel who may be able to assist if a pharmacy becomes short-staffed. Please note that this resource will be made available to all pharmacies who may have a need.

If you are willing to step in to assist a local pharmacy please complete the form below. A few notes:
- The results of this form will be available to pharmacies looking for staff, please be mindful of how you want to be contacted
- Completing this form does not commit you to entering into a relationship with any pharmacy
- If a pharmacy is in need they will contact you directly to discuss the individual arrangement
- If you have any questions about the form or accessing the list to find help, contact Patrick Brown at 336-953-1302 (call or text) or
- If you have recently retired and would like to reactivate your license to assist OR if you are licensed in another state, please see the NC Board of Pharmacy Website for information on both of those processes:
- In addition to this opportunity, NC DHHS is also seeking healthcare workers to volunteer to assist if necessary. If you would like to sign up with NC DHHS please visit
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