Faculty Members -- American Opioid Project
Note: The responses below may be posted on the American Opioid website and/or social media pages, in whole or in part. Questions may be directed to Jamal Khan at jamalkhan@americanopioid.org.
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What research have you done that pertains to the opioid crisis? Feel free to include link(s) to your faculty page, papers, and/or publications. *
Did you come across anything in the course of your research that changed your perspective about the opioid crisis? *
If you only had one lecture to summarize the opioid crisis for your students, what main points would you cover in that lecture? *
In addition to your research, what resources would you recommend to members of the public who would like to know more about the opioid crisis (e.g. books, articles, documentaries)? *
If you had a magic wand that allowed you to change any policy to help alleviate the opioid crisis, what would you change, and why? *
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