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GGSC presenters bring cutting edge discoveries, insights, and experiences to a wide variety of programs, drawing from the fields of psychology, education, business, and neuroscience. While each GGSC speaker can cover a range of topics and themes, we aim to connect presenters to engagements and topics that best align with their research and knowledge base. To learn more about our speakers, please visit:

About our themes:
The Greater Good identifies eleven building blocks of individual and community well-being — the behaviors that research suggests will support your health and happiness, and foster positive connections with other people. These "Keys to Well-Being" form the base of our speakers' presentations, within the context of each individual engagement. For more information on the "Keys to Well-Being", please visit:

Please provide a description of your organization and event. We are interested in the work you do, your mission, the purpose of your event, or any additional information you feel may be important to help us connect you to the most appropriate speaker and build a meaningful presentation.
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All pricing is customized based on event details, and we work with many organizations of varying sizes and budget constraints. The guide below is included to demonstrate our typical model:

Standard Speaking Fees

Under $5,000
Special exception required

$5,000 - $8,000
Up to 1 hour presentation, online or in person at Bay Area venue

$8,000 - $9,500
Up to 1 hour in-person presentation, venue within less than 3 hours travel (Travel and accommodation to be included in addition to speaker fees)

$9,000 - $14,000
1 - 4 hour (half day) presentation online, or within less than 3 hours travel (Travel and accommodation to be included in addition to speaker fees)

$14,000 - $18,000
Full-day or multi-day workshops and/or engagements requiring air travel (USA or International travel and accommodation to be included in addition to speaker fees)

$18,000 or more
Customized program
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