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Hello! Сześć! Привет!

Welcome to the application for the theater project "30.past.89", organised by Junges Deutsches Theater in Berlin and Evangelical Church District Berlin-Zehlendorf.

Project description in English: https://docdro.id/aPAWACZ
Opis projektu po polsku: https://docdro.id/LOAM5kl
Описание проекта по-русски: https://docdro.id/UyY7yJj
Projektbeschreibung auf Deutsch: https://docdro.id/rhWenjF

The project will take place in Warsaw, Moskow and Berlin, so it is important for the participants to have a valid passport and be able to participate in all of the meetings on the following dates:

Warsaw: 28 July - 4 August 2019
Moskow: 30 August - 8 September 2019
Berlin: 2 October - 22 October 2019

Please make sure that the information details you provide below are same as in your passport. Please fill out the form and record the video in English!

The deadline for application is 14th April 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a selection workshop in April.

Should you experience any problems with the application form, please contact the project coordinator, Caroline Zeidler, under: Caroline.zeidler@teltow-zehlendorf.de.

Good luck and hope to meet you soon!

30.past.89 Team
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Personal information
What's your name? *
Please write your first name and surname just as they are written in your passport.
Date of birth *
Email *
Phone number *
What is your nationality? *
What city do you live in? *
Passport *
Do you have a valid passport? You need to have a valid passport to participate in the project.
Passport validity *
Until when is your passport valid?
Can you participate in all three meetings? *
Warsaw: 28 July - 4 August, Moscow: 30 August - 8 September, Berlin: 2 October - 22 October
English skills *
The language of the project is English. How good are your English skills?
Parents or guardians
We also need to contact your parents or guardians to make sure that you can participate in the project. For that we need their contact details.
Who can we contact to confirm your participation? *
Please write the first name and surname of one of your parents or guardians that we can contact and stay in touch with during the project.
Phone number *
Please give us the phone number of one of your parents or guardians.
Email address
Please give us the email address of one of your parents or guardians.
Your motivation
Please answer some questions connected to the topic of the project.
What are the biggest differences between you and your mother / father? What do you have in common with them? *
Which question concerning family and politics should we ask you? *
Which event in the mass media had a great effect on your live? *
Which questions concerning family and politics would you like to ask the participants from a) Russia b) Poland c) Germany? *
How did your parents experience the time between 1989-1991? *
Theatre experience *
Do you have any theatre experience? Are you in a theatre group? Did you ever perform on a stage? If yes, please write more about it!
Video *
Please send us a short video clip (max. 2 minutes!) introducing yourself at a specific place, which means a lot to you. It can be a public place (for example a point of interest) or a private place (for example your bed).  Don't worry - a video made with your mobile phone is perfect! Please send it directly to caroline.zeidler@teltow-zehlendorf.de by email or using a website for sending bigger files, like www.wesendit.com, wetransfer (or some other service). You can also post your video to Youtube or Vimeo and send us the link (and a password, if you want to keep it private) in the "Other" box. If you need help with sending a video, please mark a box below or send an email to the same address as above and we will work something out!  
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