Case Study : Work Status and Condition of Women during the pandemic
This is a case study on the status and condition of women during the covid -19 situation. How women are feeling and are being treated in this situation is the focus of collecting this information.

The form does not ask for any personal information such as name, religion, contact or email so as to prevent any data or privacy breach. The questions asked are general and can be answered easily without revealing any information of who you are. Even then if you feel something can't be answered, there is an additional option "Prefer not to say" that can be checked.
All questions are required.
The following data thus collected will help me in my project as the title suggests.

Kindly spare a few minutes to fill this form.
Gender *
Age *
Country *
Orientation *
Parents thought process: *
How satisfied are your family members regarding your orientation? *
Has your parents behavior changed negatively especially during the pandemic because of your orientation? *
Relationship Status *
Do you have kids? *
What is your Economic Status? *
What is your Profession? *
Work *
Have you experienced any violence (domestic, sexual or gender based, etc) during the pandemic? *
If you have experienced or are experiencing any harassment at home/work, did you complain or seek for help? *
If you did not seek for help, then were you forced not to complain about it or did you yourself (for any fear or reason) did not complain about it? *
Has anyone harassed you in any manner so as to provide you a job or pay? *
During pandemic, do you spend more time in: *
Are you forced to spend more time in either of the work be it office work or the household chores? *
Are you being pressurized to bear a child during the pandemic because of family members or society? *
Are you being dominated at home or work/office/school? *
Are you being dominated especially during the pandemic or in general(have you experienced dominance before the pandemic)? *
Are you facing any physical discomforts during your work hours (in office). For Example: if you are on duty(as a doctor, nurse, police officer, etc) then are you facing any discomforts in changing clothes or pads, tampons during hospital hours? *
Is your organization/company/school providing you with enough equipments to stay safe in the pandemic situation? *
Are you experiencing any financial problems? *
Are you suffering through any physical/mental/spiritual or sexual discomfort during the pandemic? (Spiritual discomfort as in struggling with the meaning behind life, relationships, and the world around you) *
Is the discomfort described just above at home or at work? *
Is the above discomfort forced or not? *
Are you alone responsible for all the household work? *
Does your family support you at home or at work? *
Have you gone out on nay occasion during the pandemic? *
If you have not gone out then does it affect you in any manner: mental/spiritual/social ? *
Have the fights at home increased during the pandemic? *
Are you blamed for any fights at home or work no matter the cause? *
Are the fights because of financial issues? *
Are you and your family not able to give enough time to each other during the pandemic? *
Do you work for extra hours so as to earn more money? *
Is the extra work only for the females or for males too? *
Have you put on weight or lost some during the pandemic? *
Is it because of the extra work and stress that you have lost weight? OR Is it because of the idle time that you eat a lot or not much work that you have put on weight? *
Has your physical appearance caused any negative impact at your home/work life in your mental or physical self? *
Were you forced to quit your job or were you fired for any reason or did you resign on purpose because of the pandemic? *
Are you on social media? *
How happy would you say you are? *
Not at all happy
Very happy
How stressed would you say you are? *
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