Auction Donations & Ideas
Our Annual Auction is right around the corner.  If you have an item, experience, or other idea you would like to donate, please let us know and we will reach out to you soon! 

From donating playdates to bottles of wine and whisky to offering up a weekend getaway, there are so many ways to help us make this year's auction the best ever!

Some donations to consider:
  • A cool tour of your workplace or local landmark (e.g., Lucas, Google, Pixar, TV/radio station, museum, Oracle arena, Oakland Zoo)
  • Use of a vacation house (e.g., Tahoe, Sea Ranch, Stinson, gold country, Russian River)
  • Sports tickets or memorabilia (e.g., Warriors, A’s, Giants)
  • A fun party (e.g., moms’ margaritas, pizza/movie night, detox/retox [yoga + mimosas], kids’ tea party, in-home sushi-making)
  • Homemade delicacies (e.g., monthly dessert delivery [April–June], ethnic specialties, Paleo meal, gluten-free treats)?
  • Professional services (e.g., architect, photographer, contractor, electrician, lawyer, birthday party henna or face-painting, in-home craft/sewing session, landscaping)
  • Teach a class or skill (yoga, baking, piano, soccer, Minecraft, etc).
  • Cook a delicious specialty homemade meal for a family
  • Offer a class to teach a small group how to make handcrafted items

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