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I am the owner of the above mentioned animal and declare that no other person has any property interest therein. I agree and understand that I am giving up all rights of possession and ownership of the above mentioned animal. I relinquish any claims that I may have on this animal and agree that Victorian Collie Rescue may take any necessary steps in order to re-home this animal. From this day forward I understand that Victorian Collie Rescue do not have to keep in-touch with me about the animal’s progress. I confirm that this animal has not been declared dangerous.

I declare the information I have provided is accurate and truthful, and that Victorian Collie Rescue will not be held liable or chargeable for any false information or misrepresentation that I may have submitted on this form. I further agree and understand that Victorian Collie Rescue will do whatever is necessary for the safety and well-being of this collie.

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