Giving Green to Great Non-Profits: Free Plant Give Away Application

As part of our efforts to beautify neighborhoods and reduce waste, we donate plants and materials to other non-profits, schools, and community groups. Please note the following:

* You must complete this application in order to participate in the program.
* We do not hold plants or provide deliveries. You must come with an appropriate vehicle to pick them up.
* Plant inventory changes regularly and plants are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
* Plants range in size from desktop to 6 ft. tall. Please bring enough help if needed to load your vehicle(s).
* We will email you the date and time for the next available plant pick up. Generally this is the second Sat. of each month.
* You must RSVP by email within 48 hrs of the plant pick up date.
* Bring a copy of the email confirmation that we send you to show at the door for entry.
* You must send us a brief description plus photos of how the plants were used within 2 weeks of the pick up. Please be sure to tag us on social media and your website also!

Have questions? Email us at or call (510) 866-8482.
Name of organization *
Your Name *
Your Email *
Phone Number *
City *
Brief description of organization *
Federal ID *
Email a request letter on letterhead including your tax ID number a brief description of what you plan to do with the plants *
You must have reliable transportation for picking up the plants. Our plants range from desktop sized to 6 ft. tall. Do you have such a vehicle readily available? *
We will send you the date and time of the next plant pick up. You must email us to confirm you will be there within 48 hours of the pick up date. *
Within 2 weeks of pick up, send photos of the plants in their new home. Note: You don't need to hire a professional photographer! Before / after and pictures taken with a cell phone are perfect. *
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