Distance Leaning Survey
Please help us plan for the future by providing feedback about our Distance Learning Program that was used during the Covid 19 Pandemic School Closure period.
Which school site did your child attend? *
Please designate your role in this program? *
Overall, how do you feel about distance learning? *
Which of the following best describes the computer/device your child or children used for distance learning?
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Which of the following best describes the source of your internet access?
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How often did your family receive communication from your child’s teacher or teachers?
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Which methods of communication did you find most helpful to your family? (Please select all that apply.)
How much time did you spend completing assignments/schoolwork each week?
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Do you think distance learning helped prepare you to move to the next grade
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If it is necessary to move to distance learning again in the future, what could the district do differently to better serve your child academically?
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