Wild Women Vision Quest Application
This application is to help both your guides and you determine if this program is a good fit for you at this time in your life. Be as honest and self-revealing as you are comfortable with. Answer as fully as you can, from a soul perspective. Please take your time and go beyond the surface answers and into your deeper calling to this program. We will carefully consider your application, with the intention of serving your best interest as well as the best interests of the forming circle.

We try to reply to your application within one week of you submitting it. If accepted, you will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit to hold your place and to make a commitment. Then, preparation packets (including a gear list) will be sent to you so you can begin your journey!
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Phone number
Please describe any programs that you have attended which have prepared you for the deep journey that this experience calls for (in other words, soul-based or spiritual training programs, circles, vision fasts, women’s groups, political activism, artistic expressions, meditation retreats, yoga trainings, etc.)
What do you currently know about the deeper story you are called to live? What clues do you have to this deeper story (dreams, journeys, magical or numinous encounters, meetings with extraordinary others). What is gnawing at you, calling to you?
What is your greatest and deepest longing in your life right now? What are the deepest questions you find yourself pondering? What are the deepest mysteries that are guiding your life right now?
Keep in mind that you will be fasting alone in nature for 72 hours, a challenging yet invigorating and deeply clarifying time for soul encounter. Why does this feel to you like the right time in your life to enact a vision fast? What about this offering is most alluring to you?
Do you have any physical or psychological challenges that your guides need to know about? Please describe, and note any support you have around such challenges (therapies, medicines, accomodations, etc.).
How did you learn about this program? *
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