"Protect the Protest" - Support Request Form
Thank you for contacting the Protect the Protest task force. Please read the following background information before submitting your request for support.

In 2018, a group of nonprofit organizations created the "Protect the Protest" task force with the goal of ending the threat that "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation" (SLAPPs) pose to the free speech rights of those working in the public interest -- activists, civil society organizations, and journalists, among others. The task force draws on its combined legal, campaigning, and communications resources to support individuals and organizations facing SLAPP threats.

LEGAL SUPPORT includes pro bono legal representation and referrals to public interest attorneys with expertise in SLAPP defense.

NON-LEGAL SUPPORT includes activities that help defend SLAPP victims from public relations attacks; raise the profile of the public interest work that the SLAPP filer is attempting to silence; and cast a light on the intimidation and bully tactics being used by the plaintiff.

We also provide GENERAL RESOURCES AND TRAINING aimed at helping public interest organizations to reduce their exposure to SLAPPs.

"Protect the Protest" is a completely not-for-profit initiative. There is no cost for requesting these services. "Protect the Protest" provides communications support, as well as general resources and training, at no cost. The costs of legal support vary according to each situation, but we make every attempt to help the defendants find pro bono or low-cost legal support.

We cannot guarantee support for everyone who makes a request, but we will review every application carefully and respond to all submissions. Please complete the following questions to help us understand your situation.

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