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Do you want to be part of iVote, iWatch: Citizens Engaging and Watching Government for a Better Philippines of ‪#‎juanvote‬? Make a difference and be part of #JuanVote pooled coverage with other new media /citizen efforts.  

We want our leaders to be accountable and hold them to their promises. iVote, iWatch seeks to encourage all Filipinos to go beyond just voting wisely. We must watch. Who do we watch? All of those we elected in office, as well as the people appointed to head different government agencies. It is our civic duty to be participative in nation-building as well as in being a check and balance to those in power.

We will be using the Twitter hashtags #juanvote for the 2016 election-related Tweets, updates!

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Thank you. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
Project Editor of
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We want our leaders to be accountable and hold them to their promises. iVote iWatch will watch our leaders even after election day is over.
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