*Update March 8th: Job Has Been Filled. Contact: team (at) greenbellybar (dot) com.
ABOUT US: Greenbelly Meals (www.greenbelly.co) makes epic backpacking meals and has developed a strong backpacking community. Part of this community was created from high quality, helpful and informative backpacking guides. These guides can be about anything from backpacking tent considerations to how-to layer your hiking clothing.

THE ROLE: You will write, on average, one 1,000 word post per week. Topics and outlines will be provided at the beginning and outsourced with more experience.

AVAILABILITY: You can expect to start working from 10-20 hours a week. Work from home, the road, coffee shops, wherever with completely flexible hours.

WHO YOU ARE: The thought of spending hours writing about backpacking gear and backpacking topics makes you feel all jittery inside... and getting paid to do it from home just sounds too good to be true.

Requirement #1: You are a great writer with an emphasis on technical writing. Your words and thought processes are extremely well organized, easy to follow and highly engaging.
Requirement #2: You are a backpacking expert and love the outdoors. Let's maybe say you have spent over 20 nights in a tent and hiked at least 500 miles. When in doubt, you are not afraid to dig deep and research a topic.

a) Cash Money. Rate will be determined by experience level and up for negotiation.
b) Recognition. Get your name and face on the site. Our website gets a lot of traffic so use this as a resume booster.
c) Learn. We are growing fast. Hop on the bandwagon.
d) Free Gear (maybe). We test a lot of stuff and need testers.
e) Discount Code. Get the employee discount on our meals.
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3. Writing Assignment: "Hiking Boots vs Hiking Shoes 101". For a newbie hiker planning to head out on a long-distance backpacking trip, this post should help a) outline the main backpacking footwear considerations and b) clarify the top differences between these two types of footwear - including uses, advantages and disadvantages of each. (250 word minimum) *Bonus: what model(s) do you prefer and why? *
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