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This is a sign-up form for joining the translation of Starbase.

Starbase is growing bigger and bigger, both in content and community, and we would like to be able to provide it to more players in their own language. Since we are in Closed Alpha and heading to Early Access, there will still be many changes to the game and its texts, creating challenges for using conventional localization methods.

That's why we are turning to you, Starbase Community, and your language skills and vast knowledge of the game, for assistance. You're familiar with how Starbase has evolved through many changes and in sync with our development, meaning that your input is invaluable for translating game contents like this.

If you'd like to help with translating Starbase to your language, please fill in the form and we'll get in touch with you!

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the translation guidelines before applying. We cannot promise that every sign up will be accepted, but we'll do our best to accommodate everyone. Please also note that participating in translating the game is completely voluntary, and while we will of course include your name in the credits, we unfortunately cannot offer you any monetary compensation for your contributions.

What you need to join:

• A Gmail account
• Good language skills and grammatical knowledge in your own language, as well as adequate English skills
• Knowledge and understanding of the game and its universe
• Experience from playing Starbase (Recommended as we do prioritize those with Alpha access for now)

We greatly appreciate any help you can give us in translating Starbase!

Any data you enter will be treated with confidence and respect. For more detailed information on that, please see
Discord / Forum name *
Gmail address *
Translating happens on a restricted Google Sheet, so it is a requirement to have a Gmail address. Please note that we will use this email address to contact you if you are chosen as a translator, so please make sure it's one you check regularly.
Starbase nick (if you have access to Closed Alpha)
We strongly recommend you have experience from playing Starbase, as it will make translating much easier.
Which language would you like to translate to? *
You will be translating from English to your language. Please only include your native languages or languages you are fully fluent in at a similar level. Unfortunately we cannot promise to include every language suggested.
Do you have previous translating experience?
It is NOT a requirement to have previous translation experience, in game projects or otherwise, but feel free to share if you have!
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