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Please fill out this form if you have not signed up for games at Be Con under "standard" sign ups, but want to come play games that are still available. Game selections will not be honored unless you have paid for a "fill in registration" here:
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Open Games
The games below currently have openings. You may sign up for as many slots as you like, but only one game per slot. As soon as possible, we will send you a confirmation for those games. If they have filled between the last time the form was updated and when you filled it out, we will ask you about other options.

Information on all the games listed below can be found here.

For each slot below, select up to one game that you want to play in. If you do not want to play any of the available games, please leave the question blank.

All games are either player defined gender or have both male and female slots available left.

Which genders of characters are you willing to play?
Friday Evening (7-11pm)
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon (2-6pm)
Saturday Evening (8pm-12am)
There are no slots available on Sunday
Wait List
If none of the open games interest you, but you still want to play in a slot, you may put yourself on the waitlist for other games. You may waitlist yourself for as many full games in a slot as you would like, but you may not waitlist for a game if you have signed up for another game in that slot. If we have people who have signed up for a game, but then cannot play, the GMs will contact people from the waitlist. If you sign up for waitlists only and do not get into any games, we will reimburse your registration costs.
Friday Evening (7-11pm)
Saturday Morning (9am-12pm)
Saturday Afternoon (2-6pm)
Saturday Evening (8pm-12am)
Is there anything else that we should know before placing you in games. For example, are there any potential attendees that you do not feel safe being in a game with?
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