VitaminDforAll (for COVID-19) Letter: Signature Form
We stopped adding new names to this letter at the beginning of 2021. Thank you to all who signed or volunteered to do so. We are not planning to add more signatures so there is no need to fill out the form at this point.

Old text below here:

This is an attempt to prevent avoidable deaths and to help end the pandemic. Your help is greatly appreciated!

At this point, we welcome additional signature requests from those likely to help convince decision makers to implement the calls-to-action enumerated in the letter, such as respected professors, or such as such as senior professors in areas such as immunology, infectious disease, endocrinology, or vitamin D research, or related areas, or such as officials at national or international public health bodies (CDC, WHO, etc.) or members of COVID-19/pandemic tasks forces for large jurisdictions. If you are such a person, please read the open letter located at if you have not already, and then if you would like to be a signatory, please fill out this form (2-3min).

To contact us for any reason, please email:
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