2019 Genre Magazine Survey
Jason Sanford will use the overall results from this survey in his upcoming report about SF/F magazine publishing. No identifying information from this survey will be released in this report or shared with others without the explicit authorization of the survey respondent. For questions about this survey, contact Jason Sanford at jasonsanfordsf@gmail.com.
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Do you prefer reading novel-length fiction in the science fiction and fantasy genre or SF/F short fiction? *
If you like reading SF/F short fiction, where do you read or listen to these stories? (check all that apply) *
Do you currently read or listen to any science fiction and fantasy magazines or podcasts? *
Do you pay to subscribe to these magazines/podcasts? *
Do you financially support any SF/F magazines or podcasts through donations? *
How many genre magazines/podcasts do you read or listen to? *
How important do you think magazines and podcasts are to the SF/F genre in this day and age? *
Do you prefer to read SF/F stories in magazines or listen to SF/F stories in podcasts? *
Have you ever discovered a new SF/F writer you liked through a genre magazine or podcast? *
Do you prefer subscribing to a genre magazine or donating to support that magazine? *
What do you consider a fair amount to pay for an annual subscription to a genre magazine, or a fair amount to donate to a genre magazine each year? *
What could genre magazines and podcasts do to make you financially support them?
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Any closing thoughts you'd like to share about SF/F magazines?
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