Call For Presenters for the 2018 MidSchoolMath National Conference

You are the voice of the new paradigm in math education -- from fostering a growth mindset, to focusing on deeper learning, to enhancing best practices, to cultivating curiosity in students, to implementing research-based protocols, to developing math story projects, to letting go of the traditional textbook teaching model. What are you bringing to your classroom? Your school? Your district? Your state?

In this transformative process, it takes leaders from all professional aspects of education -- teachers, principals, instructional coaches, curriculum directors, and state administrators -- to share their best lessons, protocols, ideas and research that will make the difference for our teacher-student communities.

We have created the setting for your voice to be heard: The MidSchoolMath National Conference draws hundreds of educators from around the nation who see the need for change.

This year, the conference is dedicated to delving deep into "The New Paradigm" that is leading the way to transform the math classroom with new teaching structures, where traditional methods are failing our students. “Inside the New Paradigm” provides the forum for your valuable perspective to contribute to a collective goal of “stopping the drop” in a unique conference experience.

We are looking for cutting-edge math instruction! Ideal concurrent sessions will embody one or more of MidSchoolMath's core tenants of pedagogy (Need to Know, Effective Feedback, Deeper Learning, Including Story) and reflect the shift from traditional stand-and-deliver slide presentations to engaging interactions for meaningful, memorable learning.

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