Anger questionnaire

    This is a required question
    When I was frustrated, I let it show
    I was irritated more than people knew
    I felt envious of others
    I disagreed with people
    I felt angry
    When I was mad at someone, I gave them the silent treatment
    I felt like breaking things
    I felt like I was ready to explode
    When I was angry, I sulked
    I felt resentful when I didn't get my way
    I felt guilty about my anger
    Please enter one response per row
    I felt bitter about things
    I felt that people were trying to anger me
    I held grudges towards others
    I was grouchy
    I was stubborn with others
    I felt annoyed
    I had a bad temper
    I had trouble controlling my temper
    I felt like I needed help for my anger
    I felt like yelling at someone
    Just being around people irritated me
    Please enter one response per row