JLPT Volunteer Application - Jul 2019
Greetings from BNK!

We wish to inform you that as usual BNK will be conducting the JLPT on Sunday, 7th Jul 2019 at St.Joseph's Boys School.

We wish all the test takers, the very best for the exams. We also would like to request the members not appearing for the exam to help us in the conducting of JLPT. With around 2150 test takers from all over South India. The JLPT is carried out solely with the support and cooperation of volunteers and we sincerely hope this time too we will have your invaluable support to conduct the exam smoothly. We have a huge task ahead of us, and we would truly appreciate your support. Kindly send your application for volunteering for the JLPT by accessing the below form.

Please fill in this “JLPT Volunteer Application - Jul 2019” attached herewith by 27th May, 2019.

Following points may please be kept in mind while filling the Application Form:

1. JLPT volunteers are required to attend an Orientation that will be held from on Saturday, 6th Jul at St.Joseph's Boys' Schoo from 2:00PM to 4:00PM, in order to get a briefing about the assignment. (If you cannot attend the orientation, please mention the same in the application form. There are chances that we may not ask you for volunteering if you cannot attend the Orientation)

2. On Sunday, 7th Jul you are required to be at St.Joseph's Boys School by 7:00am.

3. Your work on 7th Jul is expected to be over by 3:00 pm (some may finish earlier/later depending on the nature of work assigned to you.)

4. Your Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday, 7th Jul will be taken care of by us. A small token of our appreciation will be extended, for your support.

BNK seeks your cooperation in conducting JLPT Jul 2019 successfully.

JLPT Test Administrative Committee, Bangalore

JLPT Volunteer Application - Jul 2019
JLPT ボランティア申込書 2019年7月

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Can you attend the Orientation from 2:00-4:00 pm on Sat 6th July 2019? 前日(7月6日 土曜日2:00-4:00 pm)のボランティア説明会 に出席可能ですか。今回初めての方は参加必須となります。(Note: It is very important to attend this meeting) *
Have you volunteered for JLPT in Bangalore in the past? 以前JLPTボランティアに参加したことがありますか。 *
If yes, what was your role?  過去にお手伝いいただいた仕事内容: *
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Outline of Roles :
仕事概要 :
Please tick your preference. (Please note that you may not necessarily get assigned as per your preference.) ご希望の仕事概要をお選び下さい。 (ご希望に添えないこともあります。) *
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