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The Ontario government has made several changes over the past year in publicly funded education. OAPCE now seeks a consult with parents as to their concerns regarding these issues. Please read the background for each item and fill in your comments on them.
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Ontario's Minister of Education announced plans to move forward with restricting the use of cellphones and other personal mobile devices in classrooms beginning November 4, 2019. Learn more here -> http://bit.ly/cell_phone_restrictions
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Ontario's government is taking action to provide students and their families with predictability for the upcoming school year by introducing modest changes to current class sizes. Learn more here -> http://bit.ly/class_sizes
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E-learning courses can be offered for students who cannot be in the physical classroom to learn. For example, a desired course may not be offered at their school or they cannot take a course because of a scheduling conflict. Learn more here -> http://bit.ly/E_learning_Online
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HPE Curriculum *
The Ontario government has released the revised elementary Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum. Learn more here -> http://bit.ly/HPE_Curriculum
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Math Strategy *
Ontario's Minister of Education announced the details of the new four-year $200-million math strategy to get back to basics and make sure students and educators have the math skills and resources to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Learn more here -> http://bit.ly/math_strategy_accouncement
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