MRU Conservatory CYO Auditions for the 2020 - 2021 Season
CYO Student Audition Information
***Please Note: Audition submissions are due June 1st, 2020.***

Audition requirements for returning students:

Audition requirements for ALL RETURNING STUDENTS (including Academy and APP students):
● Two contrasting selections ( one slow, one fast)

Audition requirements for new applicants:

● Two contrasting selections (one slow, one fast)
● 3 octave scale and arpeggio; one bow up, one bow down; spiccato - one note per bow

● Two contrasting movements or two contrasting studies (one slow, one fast)
● 2 or 3(preferred) octave scale and arpeggio: once slurred, once tongued

● Pieces or studies for the following instruments: timpani, snare drum, xylophone or marimba, cymbals

● Two contrasting movements or two contrasting studies (one slow, one fast)
● 3 octave scale and arpeggio

Uploading a Video to YouTube

1. Go to in a web browser. You can upload a video directly from the YouTube web page.
If you do not already have an account you will need to create one and sign-in.

2. Click the camera icon with a plus (+) sign and click Upload Video, which is located in the upper-right corner next to your profile image. The YouTube Studio web page will appear with an "Upload Video" window in the center of the page.

3. Drag your video file to the arrow on the window, or you can click the blue SELECT FILE button, browse to the file on your computer, and then click Open.

4. Add a title to your video (eg: CYO Strings Audition for Jane Smith)

5. Visibility- please be sure to choose “Unlisted”, so that anyone with the link may view the video. The video will not be publicly listed.

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