Money & Me Semester Exam
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The amount you pay out of your own pocket for an insurance claim is the *
Which statement is true about mutual funds? *
Which of the following is a variable expense? *
The amount of money you borrowed is called *
Which term means 'not putting your eggs in one basket'? *
In order to reduce the risk of identity theft, which items should you never carry around? *
Which of the following is true about investing in the stock market? *
A piece of ownership in a company is called *
The rating that credit reporting agencies give you is your *
Which of the following factors can influence decisions? *
Which of the following is considered a need? *
Which kind of account is least likely to limit the number of transactions you can make *
What is the first thing you should do if you think your credit card has been lost or stolen? *
Which one of the following would not be considered income *
The fee you pay for insurance is called *
Insurance is a way of __________ risk. *
A value can be described as *
The risk-return ratio says *
Which of the following can impact your credit rating *
The detailed record of your personal credit and financial transactions is called your *
An example of a fixed expense is *
Which of the following is true about credit? *
The minimum payment on a credit card is a percent of the *
The KISS rule of investing teaches: *
The maximum amount you can charge on a credit card is called the *
In the future, a dollar will be worth: *
The penalty you pay for making a payment past the due date is the *
A collection of money from different people which is managed by a professional investor is called *
Which of the following is not a good thing to save for? *
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