PCGB 2020 National Show Consultation
Thank you for visiting our survey site! We are using this survey to gather views and suggestions on how we can stage a safe and successful National Championship Show in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting social distancing restrictions and public health advice.
Q1. If the 2020 National Championship Poultry Show were to go ahead (in line with all Government guidance in place at the time), do you think you would: *
Q2. If the 2020 National Show goes ahead and you attend, do you think you would: *
Q3. Are there any particular concerns or worries you would have about attending the show? Please add your comments below.
Q4. Are there any measures you would like to see in place to ensure the show is safe and that would help you to attend? Please add your comments below.
Q5. We think the show is popular with members and exhibitors but we'd like to understand where it fits in your list of priorities. Please tell us how important the the following are to you: *
Not very important
Not of interest to me
PCGB Newsletters
Access to the Judges Panel
Discount on poultry leg rings
Discounted class entries at National Championship Show
Information & guidance
Show Awards Scheme (Gold/Silver/Bronze cards)
Government liaison (DEFRA/APHA, devolved administrations)
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