ICON P-Rep TestNet Application

📌Step 1. Node set-up + Application form & IP Address submission

- Submit the application form for the TestNet from May 20th until June 3rd 03:00 UTC and set up and run a node for the TestNet by June 3rd 05:00 UTC.
- Latecomers can still submit the application forms until July 30th 03:00 UTC and the submission will be reflected on a daily basis. They can set up and run their nodes as soon as their application process is complete.

📌Step 2. P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Docker release

- We strongly encourage all participants to stand by in the TestNet telegram channel on June 3rd 03:00 UTC as technical support for P-Rep node deployment will be provided until the opening of the 2nd Phase
- Latecomers, joining after June 3rd 05:00 UTC, can refer to the guideline below to install their nodes
- https://www.icondev.io/docs/p-rep-installation-and-configuration

📌Step 3. P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Opening
- The P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase will open on June 3rd 05:00 UTC (14:00 KST)
- 22 P-Rep nodes constitute one TestNet
- All P-Rep participants must activate their nodes at the same time when the TestNet opens
- Multiple TestNets may open depending on the number of participants
- A separate telegram channel will be set up for each TestNet comprising the 22 participants

P-Rep TestNet Installation and Configuration Guide
Minimum Specification for P-Rep TestNet Application
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