FY 20 Contract Amendment Form
Please complete this form if your FY 20 Contracted Activities have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Once you complete this form you will receive an email with a PDF attachment that will become your approved FY 20 Contract Amendment. Please upload the the PDF to the Contracts Tab of your ZoomGrants application.

All contract amendments will include a waiver for matching requirements. Additionally, Insurance requirements are suspended while City restrictions on public assembly are in place. You are encouraged to continue insurance coverage necessary and prudent for an operating business. Once public gathering restrictions are lifted and your contracted events can be rescheduled, the insurance requirements will be reinstated, and you will be responsible for compliance at that time.

Enter the EMAIL ADDRESS of the person completing the form. Please double check that the email address you enter is the correct address as you will not receive the email if you enter your email address incorrectly. If you do not receive an email with your contract amendment you will need to complete this form again using a valid email address.

If the application IS ON BEHALF OF A SPONSORED PROJECT THE PERSON COMPLETING THE FORM MUST BE A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SPONSORED PROJECT, not the fiscal sponsor. If you are fiscally sponsored you will need to sign the amendment document, then email it to your Fiscal Sponsor who will review and approve the requested amendments before uploading to your ZoomGrants account.
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