The future of shinynylonshorts
I have created a survey to study the various possibilities for the future

You can read what has been discussed so far at

The main problems we face:
1) With the new regulations voted by the EU, it is no longer viable to maintain this public website as it has been until now.
2) The maintenance costs of the web.

To keep things as they have been until now, the only solution would be to change the ownership of the website to a non-resident user in the EU, who will manage the website and cover its costs. This is highly unlikely to happen. Realistically we have to look for other solutions.

Among the solutions, we talked about converting the site into a non-public site, only for partners. Paying a membership.
Which also leads to other problems.

3) How to pay the costs. Viable means of payment.
4) Anonymity

Regardless of the amount of the fee that we choose (even if it is € 5 per year), in order to process payments by credit card, in my jurisdiction, a club or association is required for this purpose, this raises the costs, making the payment unfeasible with a credit card.
Again the simplest solution would be to find a manager who resides in a jurisdiction with much less bureaucracy, but that is highly unlikely to happen.

Other traditional means of payment such as transfers, remittances, etc., have the disadvantage of base costs, I do not see viable to spend € 20 on commissions to send € 5.
One solution would be to make a single, more consistent payment, something like "membership for 5 years". Hence, the option of joining the payment with another fund to create content was also proposed. In order to minimize the weight of the commissions.

On the other hand some users prefer not to relate their payments to the site, so we must also think of an anonymous payment system.

The best solution for this would be the payment with cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. It has the advantage of being anonymous, and with very low costs, and does not require any formality.
Its disadvantage is that it is not very widespread, and although it is very easy to get bitcoin with a credit card and make payments, there may be some reluctance of some users to adopt the system.

Taking advantage of the fact that the current state has to be changed, other problems and possible solutions have been raised.

5) Shortage of new material.
There is less and less material available on the internet,
Here we could have several solutions:
One solution would be to add an aprotation to the membership and finance new projects.
Due to the difficulty of managing small amount memberships (due to the payment system), the option of making a more consistent initial contribution that allows the generation of new material has been considered. It will be necessary to see what amount people are willing to contribute.

Another solution I could provide is to use all the material I have from to have a huge base of material in the club. The partners would have unlimited access to 350 photosets and videos, access to all the content of shinynylonshorts and with what they pay from the memberships the maintenance and creation of new material is financed. Each partner takes advantage of the contributions of all the others.
In the survey all these options are exposed, in order to have a global vision of the possible solutions.

Thank you for completing the survey.

How much are you willing to pay annually to enjoy shinynylonshorts?
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How often do you think it is better to pay the membership?
Would you be willing to make an additional contribution to create new material? what amount would you add?
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If the traditional payment systems are not viable, would you be willing to pay with Bitcoin?
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Would you be interested in the option to include the shinynylonphotos content and have access to all the material and updates that are created with the contributions?
In case of affirmative answer to the previous question, how much would you be willing to pay for full access to the 2 websites and their updates?
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Do you have any other idea or solution that you want to share?
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