Pre-Entrepreneurship School
Be a part of the First Cohort-2021!

What is Pre-Entrepreneurship School?

Many of us including myself dive into entrepreneurship without validating startup ideas or even evaluating whether we have the right mindset to get on the path of entrepreneurship.  

What is the Pre-Entrepreneurship Program?

In these 3 months program (tentatively-February 2021- April 2021), I will work through the Pre-Entrepreneurship Handbook 1 and 2 to share with the participants on what entrepreneurship is all about by going through 10 principles while going through some entrepreneurial theories (including Babson's Entrepreneurial Thought & Action, Economics of Mutuality, and more) to help validate ideas that you have in mind.

The school-program will also include be going through the workbooks that are within the Handbooks and having group discussion on how to apply them.

At the end of the program, we'll develop a pitch about yourself and/or startup idea-presenting it to the group.

Timeline of Pre-Entrepreneurship School:

Pre-Entrepreneurship Workbook 1.0  (Month 1: Saturdays noon-3 pm EST)

Week 1: Principle 1-3
Week 2: Principle 4-6
Week 3: Principle 7-9
Week 4: Principle 10 and summary (closing) and a speaker on Startup Valuation

Pre-Entrepreneurship Workbook 2.0 (Month 2: Saturdays noon-3 pm EST)

Week 1: Principle 1-3
Week 2: Principle 4-6
Week 3: Principle 7-9
Week 4: Principle 10 and summary (closing) and a speaker on Entrepreneur's identity.  

Ideation (Month 3: Saturdays noon-3 pm EST)

Week 1: Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action,
Week 2: Startup Science 2017 by Masa Tadokoro,
Week 3: Economics of Mutuality and a speaker on startup experience
Week 4: Wrap-up and Pitch deck Presentation and overall analysis of final learnings-of yourself and/or startup idea.

The total cost of the Program is USD 257/month or $600 (total) for 3 months.

Date: Starting Date is Tentatively February 2021

Informational Session 1.09.2021:


Pre-Entrepreneurship Handbook 1.0:

Pre-Entrepreneurship Handbook 1.0 (Korean Version):

Translated by Sieun Lee:

Pre-Entrepreneurship Handbook 2.0:

Pre-Entrepreneurship Handbook 3.0:


1. Reading Rooms (Read that book you always wanted in a community)

2. Time Management Sessions (Learn some tips on how to manage your time)

3. Finance Sessions (Learn how to manage your own money and how to fundraise for your startup)

4. Mandarin Session (Learn Mandarin with classes every week)

5. Join our meditation sessions

More about myself:

Mr. Jacob L. Fohtung is the founder of Jamani Corporate Group, LLC (JamaniCorp), headquartered in the United States of America. JamaniCorp is a conglomerate of platforms that aim to build emerging markets focusing on Africa via in-depth entrepreneurship research &education, world-class consultation, and funding. He was born and raised in Cameroon, a country located West of Central Africa. He moved to the United States of America in 2009 and has resided in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and now Massachusetts. He is a recent dual master’s degree holder in Business Administration and Science in Finance from Babson College in Wellesley, MA, U.S.A. He is currently learning how to play the guitar and explore his linguistic skills in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. In his downtime, he loves hanging out with family, friends, and watching NBA games.

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