Cézembre Homestead Registration
This form is to assist in management of claims of virtual Sites for an Act to secure Homesteads on the Isle of Cézembre.  Your postal address is requested such that we can send an original certificate to you.
By completing this form, I affirm that I am eighteen years or more of age, or shall have performed service in the army or navy of the Talossa, and that I have never borne arms against the Government of the the Kingdom of Cézembre or the Kingdom of Talossa or given aid and comfort to its enemies, and that such application is made for my exclusive use and benefit, and that this entry is made for the purpose of virtual settlement or occupancy, and not either directly or indirectly for the use or benefit of any other person or persons whomsoever
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Postal Address (so we can provide an original certificate to you) *
Three word core of claim via the What3Words interface. You may find the vicinity of available claims at https://what3words.com/aggregates.orchids.supplier in Canton Zone Intredite which is generally northwest of that point of a diagonal running southwest to northeast of the isle (you will be contacted for adjustment if your Site is within the Easement of other prior claims, or in Canton Zone Autorisée. You may provide stipulations agreed to by senior claims in comments below).  A list of prior claims will be appended to this form when legislation is approved. *
Comments (you may specifiy a name for your homestead or provide any other information you wish to have associated with your certificate)
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