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As you know, junior and senior year is a stressful year for many high schoolers. The Mentorship Program was created in the hopes of helping high school seniors with the stress load, offering assistance to those who have questions, and sharing our knowledge and experience to others. We want to continue the program and extend it to include second semester seniors and juniors. While we hope that this experience is rewarding and fulfilling to you, we hope that you do take this seriously.

Through this program, you, a UC Berkeley student, will be paired with 1-3 local Bay Area students. As a mentor, it will be your job to be open to questions that your high school mentee(s) may have about college. Most of this communication will be done over email and you will be required to send AT LEAST one email, text, Facebook message, etc. every 2 weeks. If you grow close to your mentee(s), you may or may not want to connect with them over Facebook or give them your phone number for easier communication. However, we understand that college can get hectic and we don't want this program to become a chore.

Please answer the following questions honestly and thoroughly and do not hesitate to email us with any questions that my arise.

- Send an email to mentee(s) once every 2 weeks
- Communicate with coordinators with any problems, questions, issues that may arise

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