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I'm so glad you are here.  Take your time, share your heart, and apply!  I'm looking forward to connecting.
A bit about the Soulies application process 
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1. Tell me a bit about your business, and how long you've been doing your work, what you love, and what's challenging.  *

2. What are you most looking to gain from Soulies?

Choose your top 3

3. What are you noticing about your ability to lead yourself from calm confidence and self trust that has you seeking out a coaching + community space for support?

For example: do you notice you are letting doubt, invisibility, or insecurity run the show? Tell me more.
4. How much time do you spend overthinking up in your head vs using self-trust to implement or take action? Could you put a number or percentage to it, what do you think it would be? Please expand on your answer. *
5. Think back to a group coaching/membership community you’ve been apart of, what role do you tend to naturally fall into? ie: quiet observer, leader, active participant *
SOULIES Self-Leadership Society is:

Soulies is unlike many memberships. It is not pre-recorded classes or shelf help. There are no 7-step modules to plow through online. Your experience will be maximized if you are willing to show up live, intentional, and connected. This is group facilitation, coaching, community, and collaboration. Coaching is done in groups - members do often have the option to be coached in group sessions.

While sessions are recorded, the members who engage and regularly participate in calls and in the community see the best results.

6. What’s appealing about a group program to you? *
7. Finish the sentence: "When I witness my peers getting coached I _______________." *
8. How do you know if you are settling for group when you might really want 1:1 instead?
From a Soulie Member
Most coaching tells you to get over your doubts and fears - it shames you into rejecting parts of yourself - What I know after 18 years of full time coaching is - that is unhelpful, it is impossible, and it is unsustainable.

9. What’s possible for you as a leader in your life and in your business if :

💛 you really trusted yourself?

💛 if you allowed yourself to marinate and belong with other like-minded business humans?

💛If you weren’t alone in your business?

💛If you were able to develop the skills to lead all parts of yourself with calm confidence?

Please share some of your specific business and life dreams and desires.

Next Steps:  Thank you for slowing down to be present and connected for yourself, and for me.  After you submit your application it will come straight to me - not my staff, not my team, but me.  I'll review your application within 2 business days. You can expect a follow-up email with next steps to:

1. Offer any additional information that might not be clear from your intake answers and/or 

2. Book a discovery & connection all. We'll meet for 30 minutes to discuss if Soulies is right for you.

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