Ngati Hau Membership Form
Affliate to Maraenui, Akerama, Whakapara, Pehiaweri or Te Maruata
Complete all sections of this form and sign it

Identity - It identifies you as a registered member of Ngati Hau
Voting - It enables you to vote on Hapū matters if 18+
Funding - It allows you to access funding
Be Informed - It enables Ngati Hau to keep you up to date and informed about Hapū matters

Ngā Tini o Kahukuri (Descendants of Kahukuri)
Children may be registered

The personal information you supply in this membership registration form is being collected and will be held by the Secretary for Ngati Hau Trust Board. Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to request any personal information which Ngati Hau Trust Board holds about you. You may request correction of this information.

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Te Taunakitanga (Declaration)
I acknowledge that the information contained in the form provided to me by Ngati Hau Trust Board is subject to the Privacy Act 1993; and by signing this form I agree that Ngati Hau Trust Board and its relative trusts, societies, companies, business partners and agents may use this information for the purposes of contacting members, for Trust news and events and for inclusion in internal and external publications.

I do solemnly and sincerely accept that to the best of my knowledge, the Information I have given is true and complete

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