Student Government Association Application
Application to join Student Government at Satellite High School--Due Date: Monday 9/21 by 4 PM
If this is open after 9/21, you may apply for general membership only.
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How much time will you HONESTLY devote to Student Government? How will this time be split between other activities mentioned in the previous question? *
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What are some goals you would like to set for SGA or activities you would like to initiate? *
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OFFICER CANDIDATES ONLY: I am running for the office of __________ because... (N/A if not seeking elected office).
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I certify that everything stated in this application is true and honest to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that my statements will be confirmed with the proper authorities, and that completing this application does not guarantee me a position in the Satellite High School Student Government Association. (Type your FULL name and have your Parent/Guardian type their FULL name below to attest to the above): *
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