Adventure Sport Park Survey
What is the Adventure Sport Park?
A proposed new park within the Echo Centre Park area. It would involve the expansion of the existing skateboard park, and include a pump track, mountain bike skills park and set of mountain bike jump lines in the Echo Park neighbourhood.

Who is involved?
Community Futures, the Alberni Valley Skatepark Association, and Riders of the Alberni Valley. With the support of the City of Port Alberni's Parks, Recreation & Culture and Economic Development departments.

Where can I learn more?
Project Details:

When is the deadline?
The survey closes June 30th. Responses will be used to support Motion No. R23-354 made by City Council January 8th and other efforts to advance this project.
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Proposed location of park
Note that the intent is to retain as many trees as possible.
How did you hear about this survey?
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1. Which of these activities do you participate in? *
2. Which adventure sport groups are you part of?
3. How often have you travelled to another community to use a skateboard park, a pump track or a mountain bike park? *
4. Do you support expanding/upgrading the current skateboard park to include a pump track, a mountain bike skills park, and a set of mountain bike jump lines? *
5. Would you use the proposed Adventure Sport Park? *
6. Would you visit the proposed park to watch day-to-day activities or events happening there? *
7. How important do you think it is for our community to have an Adventure Sport Park?
Not important
Very important
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8. Why do you think Port Alberni should have an Adventure Sport Park? 
9.  With 5 as the highest rating, how do you rate the proposed location? *
Very poor
Very good
10. Check off the reasons you believe the Echo Centre area is a good location for the proposed park. *
11. Is there an alternate location within City limits you think could accommodate an Adventure Sport Park? There would need to be room for a skateboard park, a pump track and a mountain bike skills park with jump lines.
12. How old are you? *
13. What community do you live in? *
14. How many years have you lived in the Alberni Valley? *
15. Are you a First Nations person? We ask this question so that we can demonstrate the park is of value to local First Nations communities and will benefit First Nations youth.
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16. If you could give a letter grade to existing, 1990s-era skateboard park in Port Alberni, what would it be? *
17. Assuming this project goes forward as planned, what would you be willing to contribute to the park? *
18. May we share your written responses? We will not disclose your name or share identifying information. *
19. Would you like to be added to our e-notification list about the Adventure Sport Park? *
20. If you expressed interest in helping or being added to the e-list, please add your email address here. 
21. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the proposed Adventure Sport Park?
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