WITPGH Bootcamp Scholarship 2020
WITPGH is giving away one-year Treehouse memberships to 5 queer BIPOC womxn. *You do not have to be a US citizen. *There is no age limit. *Applications are open to Pittsburgh residents and surrounding counties. *Some questions below are asked in order to help us better understand tech barriers to entry to cover for future scholarship opportunities. *Upon completion of the curriculum, scholars will be asked to give a brief talk about their journey.
Name *
Do you identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color)? *
Do you identify as a queer womxn? *
Do you have a current occupation, if any? *
Do you have access to a computer and internet? (If not we will do our best to help figure this piece out.) *
What is your current experience level with technology? *
Can you commit to completing a bootcamp on your own time? (Most tracks are 45 learning hours on average, this roughly amounts to 1 year of study with mentorship support, interview prep, portfolio support, but it can be less as these courses are at your own pace.) *
What (if any) are your most significant barriers to attending a physical location-based bootcamp?
Have you ever applied to a bootcamp before? *
If so, what was your reason for not attending?
Do you live in the city of Pittsburgh? If not, where? *
Explain how attending Treehouse's Online Coding Platform would impact your career and goals for your life? *
What has inspired you to break into the tech industry? *
Are there any technologists, business leaders, or artists that you respect? What traits do you feel they embody? *
Is there a specific area of technology you are interested in? *
What are your hobbies and interests? *
Tell us more about yourself if we’ve missed anything here:
How did you find out about WIT PGH: *
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